CCLF is dedicated to providing community service programs throughout Southern Nevada that are integrated with law-related education.

The flagship program of the non-profit foundation is the Trial By Peers program. The Trial By Peers program, established in 1993, provides junior and senior high school students with a civics and legal education culminating with a “junior bar examination” that enables the trained students to be sworn in as “Peer Counselors.” These students represent a broad spectrum of diverse backgrounds and experiences. The trained Peer Counselors represent accused youth in a juvenile diversion program. This program affords all students an opportunity to learn about the law, meet judges, work with attorneys, while allowing other youth to be represented, prosecuted and judged by their peers for alleged misdeeds. In addition to the educational and community service afforded by Trial By Peers, it also alleviates the caseload of the overburdened courts. The award winning Trial By Peers program is not our only program. We are active in Shoes that Fit, Let Freedom Ring, and other community service projects for the betterment of the Southern Nevada community.


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