The Center's purpose is to support and promote the well-being, positive image, and human rights of our LGBTQmmunity and allies in Nevada.

The Center, now located in a new standalone building in Downtown Las Vegas at 401 S. Maryland Parkway (nearly four times the size of our old space!) provides a broad array of services, annually welcoming more than 36,000 diverse youth and adults in the Southern Nevada region. Our myriad of programs and vital services are as diverse as our Qmmunity. We are proud to be the cornerstone of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgrender and queer activity in Southern Nevada as we represent the sole agency in Clark County exclusively serving the LGBTQ population and its allies.

Currently in its 20th year of operation, The Center is more than a building that hosts a group of social and wellness programs. We have come to represent a safe haven for some and a welcoming home for so many more LGBTQ individuals who seek to commune with those like themselves. Since The Center's inception two decades ago, countless community members have walked through The Center's doors. As we evolve and expand, our goal is to continue serving as the primary destination for the LGBTQmmunity and its allies in and around the Southern Nevada region.

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